Reel. Remove. Recycle:
Don't Leave your Line Behind - Get Hooked on Recycling your Fishing Line!

Improperly discarded monofilament fishing line causes devastating problems for marine life and the environment.  Marine mammals, sea turtles, fish and birds become injured from entanglements, or might ingest the line, often dying as a result.  Human divers and swimmers are also at risk from entanglements and the line can also damage boat propellers.

Monofilament fishing line can be recycled.

Over 40 Florida counties now have recycling bins in place!

The Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP) is a statewide effort to educate the public on the problems caused by monofilament line left in the environment, to encourage recycling through a network of line recycling bins and drop-off locations, and to conduct volunteer monofilament line cleanup events.


Do Your Part to Save the Aquatic Environment

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